"Outdoor Advertising is the oldest form of advertising known to man your message can't be turned off or tuned out. It is the most cost-effective medium. "

Millennium Park II
Millennium Park, Ring Road, Noida, New Delhi.


  • Targets specific audiences demographically and geographically.
  • Creates rapid consumer top-of-mind awareness.
  • Provides continuous presence, up to 18 hours every day, resulting in high
    frequency multiples.
  • Maximizes brand awareness and is ideal for new product/service
  • Stimulates sales near point-of-purchase locations.
  • Provides efficiencies to media plans by lowering cost per thousand


  • Widely distributed throughout markets reflecting consumer traffic patterns.
  • Located in commercial areas on primary and secondary arteries.

Size: 39'6"X7'6"

Display: Single Wrap

Contract Terms:

  • Typically purchased four weeks or longer.
  • Outdoor posts every Monday, except holidays.

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